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“I have known Jennifer for nearly a decade as a body worker and holistic practitioner. Though I have received and given body work at the Esalen Institute in California to the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts, I have never experienced the knowledge, attention to detail, the care and awareness of the body that Jennifer provides in every session. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone whether it is for a therapeutic purposes or a great, in depth, relaxing, nurturing massage.”

Gary Haraldsen, JD

“As a longtime Boulder athlete, massage therapist and spiritual seeker, I have received regular massage of all kinds for over 25 years. Jennifer's considerable skill in a range of modalities from treatment oriented deep tissue to somatic emotional release to cranial sacral combined with her deep personal presence and unrivaled intuition have made her my all time favorite practitioner. Her work is effective, impactful and transformational. She is the best of the best!”

Stephanie Ehret, CMT


I began seeing Jennifer for cranial-sacral therapy and lymphatic massage following treatment for breast cancer including chemotherapy and bilateral mastectomy. I was also experiencing sciatic pain from a herniated disc at that time. One of the most immediate benefits I noticed was the soothing of my nervous system, which allowed me to discontinue relying on vicodin and lorazipam to sleep. Regular treatments continued to produce relaxation and wellbeing, as I found Jennifer to be a tremendous support for releasing the traumas to my system, integrating the changes in my body and my life, and moving forward into increased health and vitality.

Cathy Winters


“Jennifer Hudson is the most talented and dedicated practitioner I have ever known. Specializing in vast and diversified healing modalities, I couldn't be more blessed to know her as a person and be one of her lucky clients. With deep love and focus, she has helped me face and heal from back surgery, breast cancer (surgery and treatment), general stress, loss, grief, fear, anger and so much more. She has kneaded and manipulated my body, reminding it to let go of pain and tightness. She helped me to trust in my physical and emotional process, whatever may unfold. She has helped inspire me to learn, to embrace, to be grateful for all that life has thrown at me. She has helped me to work through challenge (both physically and spiritually) with grace and joy.”
“Having been a therapist myself for many years, I have very high expectations of the "work" of others and believe in my heart that this woman is so very special. I hope you too have the opportunity to know just how talented, humble, heart-centered, generous, present, funny and strong Jennifer is.”
“Thank you, Jennifer for everything!”

Lesley Jacobs


“For the past three years we have been blessed by the healing hands of Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer's expertise as a cranial sacral and massage therapist has changed our lives. She has brought us in touch with our bodies and helped us to heal from very difficult traumas and genetic difficulties. Jennifer's professionalism is beyond compare. Jennifer's soothing presence and positive energy can not be expressed in mere words. She will be greatly missed, but her work for us will be felt always in our bodies and hearts.”

Leonard and Rhonda Romano


In my life-long search for wholeness (as someone who suffered from early-life trauma), I have worked with many therapists and healers, but no one has ever directly connected me to that wholeness in the way that Jennifer has. Jennifer embodies that wholeness for her clients.
I met Jennifer when I was going through breast cancer and pretty serious depression...I was not sure that I wanted to live.
Jennifer has a special gift of being incredibly present with her clients. She has the ability to be very tuned-in, gentle, and attentive through each stage of the healing journey. Her skill and presence allow the space for deep healing to occur.
Jennifer patiently and lovingly guided me back to my true self in a way that has created a lasting change. My work with Jennifer has allowed me to regain my strength and to love life again.
I highly recommend Jennifer Hudson as a very sensitive and competent practitioner in any healing context. She is very experienced and committed to her work. I have grown and thrived more from my work with Jennifer than any healer/practitioner I have ever known. She is superb at what she does and a beautiful gift to those who need her.

Lisa Sanchez
Client from 2011 to 2015!


“I have been seeing Jennifer Hudson for over a year now. I started to see Jennifer while I was under Chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. Jennifer was so helpful in helping me heal while I was undergoing chemo and after. Jennifer cared about what I was feeling in between my appointments as well as during my appointments. After I had my lumpectomy, Jennifer would reassure me with the sensitive scare tissue area and show me exercises to help stretch out the area. I would highly recommend Jennifer for anyone who is looking for healing both mentally and Physically.”

Paula Hillen

“As someone who has lived with chronic pain for a long time—and as a result has worked with many dozens of body workers and healers--my experience with Jennifer has been noteworthy, poignant and meaningful. She brings to her work a truly rare blend of wisdom, empathy, experience, intelligence, generosity, skill, groundedness, warmth, vulnerability and confidence, all while being able to hold the container for me to have my personal experience, whatever that may be. Because chronic pain has impacted my life in myriad ways, I have valued beyond measure her unique ability and willingness to meet me variously on the physical, neurological, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels—because chronic pain operates on all those levels. I would maybe describe her as a psycho-spiritual body worker. She has, over and over again, helped me to find the well-being in my system and my life, which is a wordless gift. And she herself is a gift that I have genuinely treasured on my journey.”

Diane Magnussen.

“Jennifer Hudson began volunteering with TRU Community Care in January 28, 2009 after completing our in depth 20 hour volunteer training. Over the past several years, Jennifer has generously donated her time, skill and support to TRU Hospice’s patients and families. She has contributed 123.5 hours providing Craniosacral Massage to patients in their homes and at the TRU Hospice Care Center. Her service ended on July 28, 2014. She has been a wonderful asset to the volunteer program.”

Karlene Campbell, LCSW

"Jennifer Hudson of Optimizing Presence has helped me focus more on my body and my mind—how everything is connected and related inside my body and how I am connected and related with the world at large. Not knowing what to expect with cranial/sacral therapy, I was very much surprised and strengthened by Jennifer's therapy. I remember one session in particular where I was actually standing straighter after her treatment. It felt so odd to be standing so erect—I felt like I was leaning backwards! It was a good feeling, though, and that feeling has stayed with me, making me conscious of my posture and how my whole body tightens up when I don't keep my skull, spine, and legs aligned. In 1978 I was rear-ended by a drunk driver, and suffered severe whiplash. Even though my neck has healed, Jennifer was able to find an area in my neck that had what I call a "body memory" of the accident. After she worked on that specific area, I could feel a relaxation I hadn't felt in years.”
“Massage can be relaxing, invigorating, calming, and soothing. Jennifer Hudson's therapy through The Optimizing Presence is all this—it just depends on what your body needs at that time.”

Elaine Vonspreckelson


“I’m a frequent flyer between Colorado and Switzerland and have been for many years. Every trip I religiously follow all the guidelines like: doing exercises during the flight, drinking lots of water, avoiding coffee and alcohol, moving around as much as possible. But every trip, I still arrive with ankles the size of grapefruits. Days before my most recent trip I had my first massage with Jennifer. Which was of course wonderful. The unexpected side effect was that I arrived, after 16 hours on airplanes, with gorgeous ankles! I couldn’t get over it, they looked fabulous and felt great. Even on the return trip a week later they looked and felt great. It reminded me that the work she does is much deeper than simply a luxurious self indulgence. As I witnesses and remembered, it works on the physical level to improve health as well as the emotional level to improve overall well being. I highly recommend her deep intuitive work.”

Lisa Lindsey

“I have been blessed to receive Craniosacral Therapy from Jennifer several times. She has helped me to process, move through, and heal various physical and emotional issues I had been holding in my body and nervous system for years. Her skills and competence have exceeded my expectations and have brought impressive results in my healing process. Her soothing presence and attention to my needs of the moment have been a balm for my soul when I needed it most. May many souls be blessed in receiving her gifts.”

Yvan Veilleux


“I have been seeing Jennifer Hudson for several months now, receiving regular Craniosacral Therapy and Massage treatments. Jennifer has and relies upon a deep intuitive spirit and combines her calm and soothing manner, putting me at ease from the moment each session begins. She is one of the kindest, gentlest souls with whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Each session begins with an intake as to what has been and is going on in my external life as well as that from within. Her listening skills and the visual cues she picks up from the way I sit, move and speak all form a basis for what she observes from my spoken and unspoken words. She always right on with her observations. She then uses what she has observed as the foundation for the work she performs. While each massage has a familiar rhythm from the ones before, each one is different, in that she uses her amazing touch and sensory perceptions of what is going on in my body, to fit the need which she senses and is called for by my being. And while each massage provides me with an overwhelming physical, emotional and spiritual response, again each one is different, but all very satisfying. Trusting that my being knows where it needs to go, together we form a common bond, following a fantastical journey that is a part of my life, not known before I began with her. She the wise and trusted teacher, I have become the willing and learning student. I unequivocally recommend her to anyone looking for a master of the cranial sacral method of massage-touch.”

Don Moore

“Jennifer is a well qualified and experienced Craniosacral Therapist. She is well trained and has studied in depth this type of work which is excellent for stabilizing and helping integrate brain and nervous system traumas. Her ability to identify and isolate problem areas in patients that are in recovery is sophisticated, detailed and intelligent. As a professional body worker for a decade now in Boulder, I have had the privilege of receiving her work and thus know her expertise from experience. Her hands are in short brilliant.”
“Not only are Jennifer's skills some of the best that I have experienced, but her relational skills as a professional are impeccable. Her attunement to her patient's needs and ability to listen to their issues is open, grounded, and compassionate. Not only does she have the ability to relate to her patients in a personal way, but she enjoys working together with other health care providers to share insights and glean further understanding for the benefit of her patients.”
Seth Watson

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